Managed IT Services

Comprehensive enterprise-level IT support at a flat monthly fee

Improve Technical Support and Reduce and Control IT Costs

Our all-inclusive flat-fee enterprise-level IT support services deliver best-in-class technology response and resolution time to your entire organization.

Experience minimized downtime, improved productivity and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your environment is being proactively monitored 24/7 to ensure we take action before a problem interrupts your business continuity.

Best of all, you’ll be able to confidently budget for your IT support costs every month and eliminate uncontrollable variances.


  • Benefit from increased operational efficiencies 

  • Reduce and control your IT support costs 

  • Gain access to enterprise-level IT support 

  • Experience minimized downtime 

  • Focus on growing your business, not managing your IT 

  • Receive peace of mind with 24/7 network monitoring

Allow Technology to Drive Business Growth, Not Hamper It

Employing technology as a business driver is a double-edged sword. When the proper technology solutions are scoped, implemented, and effectively supported, they are a business growth accelerant. However, when the opposite is the case, efficiencies and productivity erode and unexpected business interruptions disrupt the achievement of your business goals and vision. 

Why settle for the status quo of your existing technology environment or IT provider? 

Our clients experience increased innovation and business productivity because they never have to think about technology - it simply works for them in the background to support their daily operating needs. With our help, this can become your new reality.

Managed services can cut
IT costs by as much as


– BizTech 

How it Works

We deliver continuous monitoring for; and alerting and escalation of, any events that could cause a business interruption or degradation of technology performance, and perform scheduled patching and updating of devices, systems, and software applications to increase security and operability.

We also provide unlimited remote helpdesk and onsite technical support to your staff to reap the highest level of operation from their systems. And we manage your other infrastructure vendors to boot - a service request to us for any technology that is maintained by another vendor is all it takes. 

Finally, we conduct regular strategic business technology reviews to maintain an effective technology roadmap that supports your future business growth.

24/7 Network Monitoring,
Patching Updating

Unlimited Remote Helpdesk and Onsite Technical Support


Regular Strategic Business Technology Reviews

Pain Points Solved

  • Reduce Technology Support Costs
    Reduce, control and budget for technology support with our flat-fee Managed IT Services.

  • Eliminate Technical Challenges
    Solve technical bottlenecks hampering productivity once and for all.

  • Shift the Burden of Vendor Management
    Allow us to manage your infrastructure Vendors, freeing you and your staff’s time.

  • Focus on Technology Strategy, Not Support
    Become more technology strategic, now that we’ve taken a proactive approach to technology.

Implementation Timeline

To deliver our flat-fee Managed IT Services, we prepare and provision your environment for round-the-clock monitoring, updating, and security patching of your devices, systems, applications, and services. During that time, we also upgrade any devices or systems that fail to meet our minimum operational standards for business continuity.

Once your environment is prepared and provisioned, and we’ve set you up in our remote monitoring and alerting and helpdesk systems, we train your team on how to request support and make sure our technical specialists are familiar with your environment, staff, and assets, along with your service level agreement for response time. Finally, we’ll both select a Go-Live date to begin your new, comprehensive Managed IT Services engagement.


Provisioning your environment to receive services and our systems to support service delivery

Depending upon the size of your organization, this could vary from several weeks to several months


Training your staff on how to request support and our technical specialists on your environment, staff and SLA

Typically, training all designated resources takes no more than a few weeks


Establishing a go-live date that signals the time when our service delivery response time is governed by your SLA

A Go-Live date can be established as quickly as the day after all resources are trained


Regular strategic business technology reviews

Strategic technology business reviews will be scheduled according to your business growth needs, and are typically held once per quarter

Managed Services: 

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